I am very pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between Litespeed Education Pte Ltd (Litespeed) and Educare International Consultancy Pte Ltd (Educare). As of 2nd June 2009, Litespeed has
licensed our intellectual properties rights and E-Learning technologies including the provision of staff services and the operation of customer
contracts, to Educare. In essence, both companies will be synergistically marketing our suite of products and services to the schools in Singapore.

There is only one single over-arching objective in this collaboration. We aim to add more value to our customers. Just as the collaboration is a win-win situation for both companies, we are equally committed to improving our joint products and services to our customers. The synergy is easy to understand. Litespeed specialises in the provision of diagnostic E-Learning technologies and syllabus-centric multimedia content.

(From Left to Right) Mr Pok Vic Sent (CTO, Litespeed), Mr Mike Thiruman (CEO, Educare Co-operative Ltd & its subsidiaries), Mr Harold Fock (Deputy CEO & CFO, Litespeed) and Mr Reuben Cheu (Head of Sales, Litespeed)

Educare is a company set up by the Singapore Teachers’ Union’s (STU) Cooperative (Educare Co-operative Ltd) to provide quality educational services to enhance teaching and learning to schools in Singapore and
in several other countries. The synergy of both companies’ operations and marketing initiatives mean that Litespeed E-Products will be empowered by Educare’s expertise in consultancy, teacher professional development and student training programmes. Similarly, programmes and services managed by Educare can now incorporate the latest E-Learning technological features offered by Litespeed. It is a union of strengths and mutual needs that will and must ultimately add value to our customers.

We would like to assure our customers that there will be no disruption to our existing services and solutions. There will not be any change in terms of contractual obligations and operational procedures; neither will there be any change in terms of Litespeed and Educare staff and professionals serving you. Our provision of E-Learning solutions to your school remains the same and will get better through this collaboration. We want our customers to get more value, superior products, better services, more content, faster response time and higher customer satisfaction as we move forward.

I want to be upfront with our customers here. Our loyal customers have given us feedback that the provision of E-Learning technologies is insufficient. We have been told that competing on price is a mere adjustment of the level playing field. Technological solutions, although extremely useful in the classroom, are complementary to the learning process and our customers still need a human-centric learning environment to maximise the potential of their teachers and students. Through these honest feedback sessions, we knew we need to do more and think out of the box. We promised to do something about it. Listening was our first step. This collaboration with Educare and Litespeed as a united front is our next bold step.

The schools in Singapore will be the real winners of this collaboration as they will receive the best E-Learning products and solutions delivered and managed by the best customer service team which always puts schools - school leaders, teachers and students - first.

By Harold Fock
Deputy Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer

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